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Nexus Plastics, Inc. has supplied pharmaceutical manufacturers for over 35 years.

Our extensive experience allowed us to develop a high level of expertise in the field. From our specialty resins to our sterile custom manufacturing and packing processes, we take every step to ensure your products’ careful treatment.

Our stocking and on-time delivery options allow us to minimize supply chain interruptions to keep you fully supplied with quality products at all times.

Proposition 65 Compliant & FDA-Approved Resins

Smooth Auditing Process

Accurate Product Traceability

Carefully Selected Resins

We carefully select our virgin FDA-approved and California Proposition 65 Compliant resins to ensure product quality. With several pre-approved resins to choose from, we work to eliminate supply chain interruptions.

Meticulous Custom Manufacturing

We tailor our custom-built manufacturing process to minimize product defects such as gels, carbons, and seal and contamination issues. We manufacture layflat and gusseted tubing and bags, sheeting, liners, spout bags, and round bottom drum liners.

We are also capable of a variety of other custom applications. Our ISO-certified facility follows strict manufacturing standards for a smooth auditing process and accurate product traceability.

Box Liners

Drum Liners

Spout Bags

Custom Applications

Stocking Options

Mindful Packing and Shipping

We can also implement special packing requests to give you peace-of-mind that your valuable products will arrive safely.

We also offer stocking options and, with our logistics partners’ help, on-time delivery to ensure supply chain integrity.

Strategic Partnership

Our goal is to develop a business partnership with each of our customers. We want to grow and evolve with you. We continually improve our processes to bring you more efficient products in higher volume with shorter lead times.

If permitted, we will make quarterly site visits to ensure your products’ most efficient design for your specific application. In working with sensitive materials, we understand, respect, and fulfill any confidentiality requests.

Your business is safe with us.

Quarterly Site Visits

Confidentiality Compliant

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